Two-dimensional artwork with lights:

"Violence in America", oil and acrylic paint, lights, and mirror on canvas and wood

"The Nightmare of Change", oil on canvas with lights.

"Idea...", oil on canvas with a light.

"The Insanity of Technology"

Oil and printing ink on canvas. lights, found objects.

"Love unified with God above",

Oil on canvas with lights

"Towards the New Heaven", triptych:  oil, wire, ink, and lights.

"Reaching for our higher power", oil, cotton, tape, lights on canvas.

Other two-dimensional artwork:

"Past, Present, Future", oil on canvas, glass and mirror mosaic of the earth, disco lights.

"In the technological junk", oil and ink on found objects, wire, contact paper.

"Changing our old ways", acrylic on mirror and wood, wire and natural materials

"Who, what, and how?" oil on canvas, ink on board

"The Religion of Capitalism", collage and copper wire on wood.


"Revolution Now!" oil on wood, pen and ink and collage on glass

"Band-Aid World" Collage on wood, plaster, copper wire, band-aids.

"Capitalism vs. Democracy", pen and ink and serigraph on glass and mirror

"Touching each new heart", ceramic, mirrors, wood.

"Technology and our future", acrylic on wood, pen and ink on glass.

"Searching for the key to my heart", acrylic on wood, ceramic, and found objects.

"Education in our current world", crayon wax, photography, collage, found objects.

Mixed-Media Artwork

© 2017 by Richmond Smith.

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